About Us

When you start your new staircase project with us, our in-house design team will go over the various remodeling options with you. Not only do we have hundreds of samples for you to look at, but we also can show you recent designs that you can draw inspiration from. Every one of our customers receives a unique and individual design, that has never been seen or used by any before. In addition to homeowners, we work closely with architects, contractors, builders, and interior designers.

Because of our success in the residential field we get hundreds of requests for commercial work each year as well. However, regardless of what type of project we are working on, we do everything we can to ensure that the end product is a perfect addition to your building. In fact, we consider each finished project a masterpiece. We can install any type of stairs you are looking for our designs include, Straight, Wishbone, Spiral, Curved and Flared. Aside from traditional stair designs made from wood we can incorporate iron, faux wood, glass or even cables into the design. Every building is unique, and we are dedicated to providing a staircase that not only fits with it, but also adds to it. At Gibins Custom Stairs & Millwork, what sets us apart is that no other Los Angeles or Orange County custom stairs contractors care about their customers as much as we do.,

Here at Gibins Custom Stairs we will always go out of our way to make sure you end up with the stairs that you have always dreamed of. Our philosophy is always customer first. Our past customers are amazed at the quality of our attention to detail and the quality of the finished work.We offer free in home estimates and look forward to consulting you and giving you the proper guidance you need to get the stairs of your dreams.